Diverse Concept Development at Shelter Asset Management, By Stu Hansen

Specializing in a range of residential, commercial, and mixed-use property development, Shelter Asset Management has created a number of balanced concept properties. Each property is designed based on current market knowledge, using innovative architecture and the company’s experience to create attractive investment opportunities for its clients.

The firm’s concept developments range from clustered low-rise elevation condominiums to high-rise mixed-use luxury condominium and hotel properties. Concept properties have also included robust plans for multi-tower residential properties as well as high-rise and low-rise properties that mix living and retail spaces, thereby creating an attractive, self-contained community setting.

In order to provide the best possible concept development, the firm relies on its creative background to create a range of concepts that suit each client’s needs.

For more information on concept developments by Shelter, visit www.shelterasset.com.

About the Author: Stu Hansen works at Shelter Asset Management, a subsidiary of Marquee Asset Management, LLC, and has overseen development of Canadian residential and commercial properties. Stuart Hansen is currently heading a team that will work on development opportunities in California.


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