Stuart Hansen and Drewlo Holdings

Stuart Hansen, vice president of Marquee Asset Management, LLC, of Los Angeles, is affiliated with a family of companies, including Shelter Asset Management and Drewco Development owned by Allan Drewlo of Drewlo Holdings. Stu Hansen has served and advised firms run by Allan Drewlo since 1997.

Drewlo Holdings of Komoka, Ontario manages apartment buildings in the southwest Ontario cities of London, Woodstock, Sarnia, Kitchener, and Burlington. These 55 buildings feature roomy units with luxurious amenities. A growing number of these apartments are now smoke-free.

Drewlo Holdings has attained peer recognition, such as the 2012 London Home Builders Association’s ACE awards. The group named Villa Park Place as the Best Residential High Rise.

Drewlo Holdings has also constructed seven subdivisions in London. One of them, Hyde Park Meadows, is convenient to retail stores, restaurants, churches, banks, schools, and fitness clubs.

The company is also active in commercial real estate. One example is City Place, in downtown London. This business complex, which is adjacent to a residential development, features on-street parking for customers.


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