Drewlo Holdings, Inc. Offers an Array of Property Management Options

Drewlo Holdings Inc pic
Drewlo Holdings Inc pic
Drewlo Holdings Inc
Image: drewloholdings.com

Drawing on the knowledge he gained while earning his honors in business administration from the University of Western Ontario, Stuart Hansen has worked for Drewco Development Corp and is responsible for China, Japan and International business development., Since 2011, Stuart Hansen has served as the vice president of Marquee Asset Management, LLC, a property development company located in Los Angeles, CA, and a subsidiary of Drewco Development located in London, Ontario, Canada.

Drewlo Holdings, Inc. represents one of three companies associated with the Marquee Asset Management family of companies. Family-owned, Drewlo Holdings, Inc. has been active in the property management industry for over 55 years. Located in five different Southern Ontario cities, Drewlo Holdings, Inc. develops, constructs, and manages all of their apartment buildings, townhouses, and new home subdivisions. Additionally, the company employs a capable team of property management, maintenance, and landscaping employees to maintain the value of their buildings.

Drewlo Holdings, Inc. offers a variety of living options in Sarnia, Kichener, Woodstock, Burlington, and London. For those interested in commercial real estate options, Drewlo has business plaza rental opportunities in both Burlington and London.


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