Real Estate Investing in Canada – An Opportunity with Potential

Marquee Asset Management, LLC pic
Canada Real Estate pic
Canada Real Estate

Possessing significant experience in assisting client investors based in China and other countries, Stuart Hansen works as vice president of Marquee Asset Management, LLC, and President of Shelter Asset Management, both of which focus heavily on markets in China and Japan . These companies, arms of the Drewco Development Corp. and the Drewlo group of companies – – is part of a real estate development, construction, and property management organization with major interests in North America. At Marquee, Stuart Hansen is responsible for a wide range of domestic and international projects, some of which involve property in Ontario, Canada.

According to industry experts, the current Canadian real estate market has the potential to earn significant returns for investors, provided they perform due diligence with regard to the country’s tax laws and other regulations. One of the factors that makes purchasing rental properties in Canada so appealing is that there are no requirements regarding citizenship or residency, though the Canada Revenue Agency requires yearly tax filings for all property owners in the country.

A 2015 report published by MoneySense ranked Canadian cities in terms of their desirability as real estate investment sites. Thunder Bay, Ontario, earned first place on the list. Guelph, Hamilton, Barrie, Brantford, and the Durham/Oshawa area, also all in Ontario, helped fill out the top ten.


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