Japanese Investors Diversify Foreign Investment Holdings

Marquee Asset Management, LLC pic
Marquee Asset Management, LLC pic
Marquee Asset Management, LLC
Image: drewloholdings.com

With an management team with extensive investment background in China, Stuart Hansen engages with Marquee Asset Management, LLC, in an executive capacity and provides real estate development advisory services. Stuart Hansen’s professional network extends throughout Asia, and his foreign investment experience includes working with clients both China and Japan.

Since the early 1980s, Japanese foreign investment in nations abroad has far exceeded investment inflows. In part, this has been due to an relocation of manufacturing to locations abroad, as exchange rates and other factors made such moves advantageous.

As reported in the Wall Street Journal, with interest rates at historic lows worldwide, major Japanese institutions are currently shifting a significant percentage of their holdings from safe havens such as U.S. Treasury notes and government bonds. They are seeking out a diversified range of foreign securities, including European government bonds from countries such as Italy, Poland, and Spain. In addition, they are taking a plunge into holdings considered riskier but with potentially higher gains, such as the Danish real estate market.


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